Separate Electric & Water Meters Per Unit

We have the unique benefit of having a dedicated, separate electrical and water meter per apartment rental unit.

This means that you pay only for what you use in your own apartment. No worries about shared bills, and loss of your hard-earned funds.

We took the time out to carefully specify, design and deploy high-quality electrical meters to each and every rental unit in the apartment complex, and have carefully tested and certified all are in proper working order.

You can rest assured that we have also designed the electricity in the apartment units with PROPER ELECTRICAL GROUNDING. So many homes and apartments in Thailand do not do this, but we know from the outset you don’t want to damage your computers, televisions and other quality personal possessions just by having plugged them in.

Power surges are normal in this part of the world, including Udon Thani, but we have taken the steps to minimize these in a fashion superior to our competition.

Here is a picture of the exact model of electrical meter, taken from outside of one of our apartment rental units. (These pictures are not copies from the internet). Click picture to view full size.

Sharples are some of the best apartments in Udon Thani, and this is why.

Sharples Udon Thani, Separate Electrical Meter For Every Unit.

Also, to control the water bill for each unit, we installed the water meter you see in the picture below. Click picture to view full size.

One more reason why these are some of the best built apartments in all of Udon Thani and for that matter Thailand.

Sharples Apartments Udon Thani, Separate Water Meters At Every Unit.


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